Why would a license be suspended in indiana?

Answer In Indiana and elsewhere, driving is considered a privilege and not a right -- drivers must abide by all driving laws. Violating state driving laws may lead to a driver's license suspension.Drivin... Read More »

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How many points can you have on your license before it gets suspended in Indiana?

An administrative hearing is held in Indiana for a driver who receives 18 points on his driver's license within a 24-month period. After the hearing, the driver may be placed on probation or have h... Read More »

If your license is suspended and your mother buys a new car but does not have a license what is the best way to get insurance on the car?

The best way to get Insurance on the car is to first go Get a Valid Drivers License. Driving on a supended license is illegal. Driving with no license is also illegal. Trying to obtain Auto insuran... Read More »

Can i get a motorized bicycle license in Kansas if my license is suspended?

In the state of Kansas you must have a valid driver's license to obtain a motorized bike license. If your license is suspended, you will have to wait until it is reinstated to get a motorized bike ... Read More »

If your license has been suspended what must you to reinstate your license?

Typically, a suspension period will be set by the DMV, and there'll be a shorter minimum mandatory suspension period. If the possibility of having your licence reinstated earlier than the stated su... Read More »