Why would a dog's tongue turn white?

Answer A healthy dog's tongue is moist and bright pink in color. Some medical problems will cause a dog's tongue and gums to turn a different color, usually white or blue. A pale or white tongue suggests ... Read More »

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Why would my Child have small round white patches on the front of his tongue?

Answer Could it be thrush? You should check with your pediatrician.

What would cause a white thickened line that hurts in the middle of your tongue?

Answer You can go to a vitamin store and buy "Candex" it will get rid of thrush mouth, also called candida. Your body naturally has Candida or yeast as it's often referd to, but some times it beco... Read More »

What Would Cause the Leaves on a Young White Oak to Bulb Up & Turn Brown at the End of Every Year?

White oaks (Quercus alba) are found growing in mixed stands throughout the Midwestern United States and eastern North America where their range extends from Florida to Newfoundland. They also grow ... Read More »

How come when you take a picture peoples eyes turn red but dogs turn yellow?

It's the pigments. In human eyes (especially light ones) the flash causes the retina to light up which shows up as "red" eye. Really all that is, is just the back of the eye showing up at the front... Read More »