Why would a dog be sneezing after boarding?

Answer While sneezing in itself is not a medical concern, excessive sneezing can be, especially for a dog that just got back from a boarding kennel.Kennel CoughA bordatella vaccine protects dogs against k... Read More »

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Neck pain after sneezing?

When you sneezed you must have gotten a muscle pinched in your neck from the way it worked against what was happening. Once you release the muscles in your neck you should be fine. Here is a way ... Read More »

I just had a nose bleed after sneezing a few times, should i be concerned?

Yes, You have to consult either a ENT Surgeon or Neurosurgeon.

Train Number Train Name Boarding Date (DD-MM-YYYY) From To Reserved Upto Boarding Point Class *15610 A?

Usually the waiting list reduces maximum on last 15 days to 20 days before travel but regular check is main. You can check other routes or do a break journey in trains which have shorter wait list.... Read More »

Would you accept that your organs would be used to save other people's lifes after you die?

Yes, and my family knows that's what I want, and have a sticker on my license stating that fact. My organs aren't going to do me any good after I'm dead, and if someone else can have a longer and/... Read More »