Why would a dog be sneezing after boarding?

Answer While sneezing in itself is not a medical concern, excessive sneezing can be, especially for a dog that just got back from a boarding kennel.Kennel CoughA bordatella vaccine protects dogs against k... Read More »

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Train Number Train Name Boarding Date (DD-MM-YYYY) From To Reserved Upto Boarding Point Class *15610 A?

Usually the waiting list reduces maximum on last 15 days to 20 days before travel but regular check is main. You can check other routes or do a break journey in trains which have shorter wait list.... Read More »

What could it mean when a cat is sneezing?

Cats sneeze for a variety of reasons. If a cat sneezes only occasionally, there may not be a serious underlying health condition. In these cases, cat sneezing is simply part of a healthy respirator... Read More »

What are the causes of dog sneezing?

Occasional sneezing and coughing in canines is considered relatively normal. Chronic or repeated episodes of sneezing, however, have a variety of possible causes, some of which can be quite serious... Read More »

Mold & Dog Sneezing?

Inhalant allergies, called atopy, affect people and pets and result from inhaling allergens such as pollens, molds, mildew and dust mites. Many allergens and allergies are seasonal, but molds and m... Read More »