Why would a child's forehead swell in the area where she had been cut by a stone?

Answer Twenty out of fifty

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What causes a headache in the forehead area?

Its usually caused by putting strain on your eyes, if you use the computer alot and stay very close to it OR if you read in very dim light. Try to have bright light on your book while reading and k... Read More »

What causes headaches at the forehead area?

Yes sinusitis is a possibility, particularly if the pain spreads across the eyebrows and bridge of the nose, it also effects the cheak bones, and even the ears sometimes. Another possibility is wha... Read More »

Why would your cheeks swell up?

%DETAILS% Answer You are probably allergic to something you are eating or something that you are involved with. The only way to know for sure is to eliminate certain things from your daily intake. ... Read More »

Factors that would influnce a childs physical development?

mmm..there are lots of contributers for this...Lack of fresh air Lack of oppurtunities to play both inside / outsideLack of interaction n encouragementLack of stimulationany inpairments / special ... Read More »