Why would a child pronounce bead as bib and peak as kik?

Answer Answer depends on the age of the child. also may have hearing problem or learning disorder. Answer They may be trying to say the word as they hear it in the case of bead/bib. The other one, peak, s... Read More »

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What would someones peak flow meter be if they have COPD?

Hi , COPD in a 21 yr old is extremely rare and if your cant see COPD on the X ray then how could he diagnose it ? Most people are confirmed with having it after a CT scan . You have COPD and you... Read More »

What would happen if a 14 year old girl who has a baby puts the father of the child in child support and the father of the child is 24 years old?

it is staturory rapeyes i think he will or will not paybut either way he is going to jail

Why would you be obligated to pay child support and daycare in the summer when you have the child?

Answer If those are the terms of the original child support order they have to be followed. If both parents are agreeable on the support order being modified for reasons as described. They should p... Read More »

Mothers who PUT their child up for ADOPTION! would you be curious to where that child is today!?

Of course birth mothers wonder about the child they have given up.I was just 14 when I gave my daughter up for adoption and not one day has passed where I haven't thought about her and have always ... Read More »