Why would a cash account have a credit balance?

Answer A cash account would have a negative balance usually if checks were written in excess of cash on hand. However, a cash account having a negative balance is not proper accounting.Cash AccountA cash... Read More »

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What is a credit balance in an account?

A credit balance refers to the amount of money that is in a personal or business bank account. This is the amount in the account after all charges and payments have been processed.References:Invest... Read More »

Can I Have Cash Sent to My Daughter's Checking Account for a Cash Advance?

You can use a cash advance to access money from the available credit on your credit card or by taking out a payday cash advance loan. You cannot have funds electronically sent from your credit card... Read More »

Can I close my credit card account with a balance?

You can close a credit card account to new purchases when you still have a balance, but you still need to pay down the balance every month. Your account will not be truly closed until after you pay... Read More »

How much i have to show bank balance in my account for visitor visa to Australia have sponser letter too...?

If you are from a 'high risk' country, you must have enough to pay for all of your expenses for the whole time you are in Australia or friends/relatives here who are willing and able to support you... Read More »