Why would a PC freeze?

Answer When your personal computer (PC) freezes, it literally locks up, making it so you can't do anything at all. Your computer could freeze for any number of reasons, many of which can be taken care of ... Read More »

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Snap Freeze . How to snap freeze battered fried potato Chips ?

In a commercial setting they do this it is referred to a flash freezing it is hard to do at home as you need extremely cold temperatures for a short period and log period of mild freezing, what the... Read More »

Have you been to (DO NOT GO!)?

lol i no ure advertising it so someone is going to go to it ummmmm like who would go to it .......ME i tried it and when i went dere luckly my computer told me that it was 6 kinds of vireses on eac... Read More »

How to Freeze Egg Nog?

Commercial eggnog is available in grocery stores in the fall, just in time for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Because eggnog is made with raw eggs, it must be stored properly. The United ... Read More »

What does it take to freeze dry ice?

To freeze dry ice, it takes carbon dioxide liquid, an expansion valve, a pressurized chamber and a dry ice machine. First, the liquid is forced through the expansion valve and into the chamber, whe... Read More »