Why would a PC freeze?

Answer When your personal computer (PC) freezes, it literally locks up, making it so you can't do anything at all. Your computer could freeze for any number of reasons, many of which can be taken care of ... Read More »

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HEY!!!.Would You Rather Freeze OR be Burning Hot....?

Definately freezing, because you can always bundle up. If your hot, you can only strip down so much.

Why would the IRS freeze a bank account?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, taxpayers are responsible for paying all back tax owed on or before the April 15th deadline. If the tax is not paid by the due date, then the IRS may tak... Read More »

Why would a bank freeze a checking account?

A bank will freeze a checking account if it receives a court order to do so based on a judgment, against a debtor, obtained by the IRS, (Internal Revenue Service), or a creditor for a past due debt... Read More »

Would you rather burn to death or freeze to death?

I'd rather freeze to death. You just fall asleep before you die. That's how I'd like to go.