Why would a 6 month old have acetone breath?

Answer That sounds like Ketotosis to me he is dehydrated

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What is acetone breath?

AnswerWhen you are in ketosis. This can result from diabetes. OR if you are on a high protein diet, like the Atkins diet. It is a sign you are burning your fat. However, the Atkins diet has been s... Read More »

I have a bad pain in my heart and it is hard to breath. Im 16 and i would like to know what to d?

primary care doctore and follow up with a cardiologist.

How would you let someone know they have chronic bad breath without offending them?

Ask them if they want a poo sandwich

How much custody would you legally have if you have a 4-month-old son and are now separated from his mother?

Answer It depends on whether she would sign an agreement or if the Court decides. If the Court decides, then your parenting time would probably be determined based on State Guidelines. Like in IN... Read More »