Why would a 5mph wind on a sunny day affect Direct TV satellite communication?

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Can the wind affect the signal strength of a 3 LNB DirecTV satellite?

When using a DirecTV Triple LNB satellite dish, heavy winds can cause the dish to be blown out of alignment. A DirecTV satellite dish that has been blown out of alignment may experience signal degr... Read More »

Why would direct tv not to install a satellite?

Yes, under its parent company The DIRECTV Group, Inc.

Would like to find 6 used direct tv satellite dishes 18 inch with mounting hardware for art project?

If a train travells at 20 mph and you run at 5mph in the corridor how fast would you appear?

You shouldn't be running in the corridor, and what train travels at that speed these days anyway.Lets for argumant sake say 25mph, but the person on the outside will probably think its closer to 28mph