Why won't youtube let me watch certain videos?

Answer Get a new internet browser like chrome or firefox or just restart your computer might help ??

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My computer wont let me watch youtube videos and i dont know why?

go to my computer and somewhere it should say manage my applications&programs, or something along those lines & delete the existing adobe, then download the newest version. it should work then

My iMovie wont upload videos to youtube!?

iMovie isn't the best tool to upload videos to YouTube, as it's highly unstable for that use. It's better to export the video to your desktop, then upload it to YouTube.

Youtube videos wont work with any browser?

I have exactly the same problem! YouTube works fine on my phone and iPad, its only on my computers. It's really frustrating!

Why can't i watch youtube videos?

If your YouTube is slow, stuck or weird -- and people tell youto install, change or update stuff -- DON'T TOUCH A THING.Your computer and YouTube were working fine before, right?It is never a good ... Read More »