Why wont your san francisco touch charge?

Answer The cheapest android plan depends on your service provider. I think the cheapest plans right now have to be Sprint, in my opionion.

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Help my ipod touch wont charge?

first of all did you turn on the computer?i have one and it didnt work also but i went to circuit city and asked them what was wrong with itand they said sometimes it happens and they traded it for... Read More »

Lg viewty wont charge When its charging it should be able to turn on but it gets to the bit where the vodafone thing comes up turns off and goes to charging again but it still doesnt charge?

The ipod touch will not charge or respond to touch?

What do i do if my phone wont charge?

Occasionally mine does this to. I take the cover off and remove the battery. Take a safety pin or something and gently scratch all of the copper connectors both on the phone and the battery. Put ... Read More »