Why wont your camera let you put sound on videos?

Answer It is a problem with your camera (ie no microphone), not to do with your computer.You can add music or whatever by using iMovie.

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Captures videos in QVGA or VGA resolution with sound i want to buy a camera that records videos with sounds would this work?

VGA means a resolution of x = 640 to y = 480 pixel on displays/screens.A quarter of the VGA's resolution is called QVGA (Quarter VGA, 320x240 pixel).

How do you upload videos from a Flip Camera if the USB port wont fit any computer!?

they do, its got a flip out usb conection!

Is there any way to get sound from youtube videos and put the sound on your itunes?

yes you can! copy the link from the youtube videothen nextthen on the dropdown list under sound file types press mp3 and the rest is pretty easy. and wala you... Read More »

Why don't i hear sound on my Kodak camera when i play videos?

Assuming the camera has a speaker built in, it sounds to me that the volume level is turned down. I would suggest playing the video and then pressing the up button a few times. It works like that o... Read More »