Why wont you tell me about Lee Pearson?

Answer David Lee Pearson is a nine-times paralympic games gold medalist who represented British para-equestrianism in Sydney, Athens and Beijing. He also has six world champion and three European titles. ... Read More »

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Why wont my Anorexic girlfriend tell me her weight?

she won't tell you because she may think that she hasn't lost enough yet and she may be ashamedyou should talk to a docter about her before she gets really badsome people lose so much weight that t... Read More »

What do you do if your friends pregnant but wont tell her mom?

you get pregnant too and tell her mom its a new fad.(JOKING)or you just dont say anything because its none of your business. but tell your friend to see a doctor. and ask the doc

(Pic included) Please tell me why my home audio system wont work.?

From the sound of it (no pun intended) the TV isn't passing the signal through from the PS3 to the amp. The amp doesn't support HDMI in, so you can't connect your PS3 directly into it. The lower pi... Read More »

Can i have cancer I'm afraid to tell my parents, they wont believe me?

I feel certain that if you tell your parents you're not feeling well, they will let you see a Dr. There is no reason for you to sit around and worry, trying to diagnose yourself. See a Dr. God bless!!