What do you do when the man you love wont help you with your kids?

Answer From personal experince. I found that the best way is to be busy with one child (eg;changing a napy or helping with homework).Do this right before you want his help, wheather you want him to start ... Read More »

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What are some styles that wont make me look average boring or dull?

Your style... it all depends on how old u r too

McAfee wont scan...i can open it look at all its other options but when i click onto scan it doesnt move from ?

Hi JackForget McAfee. Get AVAST software. It is FREE and secondly, much faster, extremely reliable and it will not slow the performance of your computer.All programmers swear by this software for a... Read More »

How can people love their babbies when they look like bald monkeys and cry all the time?

There are some people who aren't fit to be mothers. Looks like you're one of them.

Please suggest a drink so i wont look stupid !?

You could always go with- Martini - gin or vodka and dry white vermouth; you can also order it "Dirty" or "Extra Dirty" - meaning they substitute some of the vermouth with olive juice ; or Appletin... Read More »