Mouse is on strike! How to give star,thumbs up or give 1 to 5 stars to best answer using key board?

Answer There are probably better ways to do this but I used the "Tab" key to navigate to the right spot before hitting "enter/return" key. This is how I stared your question and navigated back to "answer ... Read More »

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Girls only... PLEASE!!! guys wont have an answer to this so theres no reason to look!?

What to do if your boyfriend wont give you space?

Why wont anyone give frinklecat a tattoo?

Probably because they don't want a) to get scratched to shreads by frinklecat and b) don't want to get arrested for animal abuse.

Mum wont give me my $1000 one off payment?

I'm 17 and don't get that payment because my parents earn too much. But I think it's pretty unfair for a 16yo to be paying for everything on just $150 a week. I've heard kids at school in the sa... Read More »