Why won't this computer boot off the disc?

Answer Win7 is too big for a CD, so it has to be burnt on a DVD, which leads me to these two questions;- Does your friend's PC have a DVDROM? - If so, does it work? Like the people above me said, make sur... Read More »

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My computer wont boot up :(?

Run a memory test on the ram if it's fault then that will tell you if one of them work and it stop working it's some how got damaged when you put it into the slot. Take the old ram to the shop and ... Read More »

How to Boot a Computer From an XP Disc on the Acer 3010?

TravelMate 3010 is a popular model of notebook computer manufactured by Acer. To repair or reinstall the Windows XP operating system on your Acer 3010 laptop, you need to boot the machine from a C... Read More »

How can I reformat my custom built computer I have the XP OS disc but I can't boot from it.?

Change the boot sequence to read the DVD CD drive first then start your machine.The OS disc is a boot-able one and will load the start up files for the install.If you have a floppy drive then you c... Read More »

My friends computer wont allow him to boot up, it only shows a black screen with weird text. What should he do?

unplug it for a while.then try again. mine does this might take a few trys