Why wont the knob on your dishwasher turn?

Answer A trained, qualified diswasher repair person should be able to get it working very soon

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How do you unstick a Caple gas oven knob wont turn off back to zero that is stuck at 130 degrees?

The Tub cubic ft volume measures about 2.9 cu ft. ... Read More »

My insignia camera wont turn back on i just got it and bought a duracell battery now it wont turn back on?

Most cameras require a lithium battery. They will turn on with a regular battery for a moment, and then turn right back off.

Dishwasher Who makes a low priced under counter dishwasher that wont quit before six months time?

Answer I am betting on a Ge or Kenmore unit built by GE. It has a real motor.

I cant get my safe to lock ! It appears to be locked until I turn the knob again and turn the handle and it co?

Did you have a BRain fart ? and lost it in the middle of the question ?