Why won't the audio work on BlogTV for my Dazzle DVC 100?

Answer Try making it work.

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(Pic included) Please tell me why my home audio system wont work.?

From the sound of it (no pun intended) the TV isn't passing the signal through from the PS3 to the amp. The amp doesn't support HDMI in, so you can't connect your PS3 directly into it. The lower pi... Read More »

Why wont my Windows live Movie maker audio work?

Did you do a webcam capture? I just made one using Windows Live Movie Maker and the sound was fine.Let's diagnose your problem.First, let's see if your computer's microphone is working.Go to Start... Read More »

Has anyone tried dazzle smile pro Does it work like it says?

Yeah, it works as well as any other teeth whitening gel on the market. Basically they're all the same peroxide bleaching formula with a different brand name. What they won't tell you though is that... Read More »

Does Dazzle DVC 80 work with Windows Movie Maker?

The Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80, or DVC 80, is a USB device used for capturing video from a television, VCR or other digital video device. Video that is recorded using the DVC 80 can be used an... Read More »