Why wont sound of music blu-ray disc play?

Answer Possibly a poor connection.

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What do i do if my Ipod's screen wont light up and wont play music?

well what I would do is go and see a specialist on this problem and get them to check it out. If you cant find a specialist search on the web on search engines like google for ways to fix this prob... Read More »

Why won't my blu-ray disc play some will some wont?

My phone wont play any sound?

Take the battery out. Put it in a sandwage bag. Pour rice in to just cover it. Seal it up and let it sit out over night at room temp. The rice will absorb the internal moisture. Put batt back in an... Read More »

My yamaha a/v receiver wont play sound from anything plugged into it.?

Did you make sure that the selector switch is on the right source you want to hear from ? Make sure you do not have the speaker turned off or on the mute turn on. Hope this will help you out.