Why wont sound come through my speakers?

Answer Unless you configure sound to come out the anlogue ports , hdmi sound will by default go out through the hdmi cable, if you have a good speaker system you may need to invest in an optical cable so ... Read More »

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Why wont sound work through HDMI?

HDMI is designed to carry audio with the video signal. There can be a few reasons why the sound isn't working. Here are some suggestions: If the signal source is using a DVI connector, there will b... Read More »

Why cant i get sound coming through my speakers?

Why won't my blu-ray player play through all of my speakers on my surround sound?

If you are using additional speakers then you may need to register them with your blu-ray player (you can do this from the blu-ray menu.)

Can I get top quality sound through excellent speakers and amp using a Laptop or Ipod?

Simple answer, no.Laptops and iPods do NOT produce good quality sound. Why? Because they are not designed to, in the same way that a CD player isn't designed to be a computer or a mass storage de... Read More »