Why won't pear tree produce fruit?

Answer You may not be raising it correctly. Seek pro. help.

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How do i stop a pear tree from bearing fruit?

PruningCut off old branches of the pear tree with large garden shears, in the springtime as the tree buds. Pear trees fruit on old growth, so cutting off those branches will prevent fruit from grow... Read More »

How long after planting will a pear tree bear fruit?

Pear trees can take up to eight years to begin bearing fruit. If you buy a young pear tree from a nursery, it usually takes two to four years for the tree to produce fruit.Source:Texas A & M Univer... Read More »

How long does a fig tree take to produce fruit?

Figs trees take up to four years to produce fruit. This fruit tree has a long juvenile stage where fruit is not developed. Factors that delay fruit production are excessive fertilization, arid weat... Read More »

How Do I Get My Orange Tree to Produce Fruit?

Orange trees produce bright-color and sweet-smelling buds each winter, but some growers can become frustrated when these buds do not develop into fruit. The fruit usually develops between 5 and 18 ... Read More »