Why wont my wireless mouse work on my desktop?

Answer It's call driver software! It needs to be installed for the Bluetooth!

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Why wont my wireless mouse work?

Device drivers can do really weird things.1 ) Unplug the USB receiver from the laptop2 ) Go to your Control Panel > Device Manager > Mice & Other Pointing Devices3 ) Remove everything except the dr... Read More »

Can you use a wireless laptop mouse on a desktop?

You can use a wireless laptop mouse with a desktop. Often, a wireless mouse includes the receiver that it needs to communicate with the computer. Simply connect the receiver to the desktop computer... Read More »

Ps/2 mouse wont work?

PS/ 2 to USB adaptors have never worked properlyI've used them in the past when USB slots first appeared.In the end they got slung out.Not only that PS/ 2 connections for mice and keyboardsare far ... Read More »

Mouse wont work!?

turn the tthingy to the direction of the arrows to lock it up, some manufacturer do it the other way around,so try rotating it to the other direction.. just lock it up so it wont fall.. or maybe th... Read More »