Why won't my tablet download any apps from the google play store?

Answer Make sure you have an active data connection to the net - or you are connected to the net using a WiFi connection .If that dosen't help - take your phone to wherever you got it from and have them c... Read More »

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My mt65xx android phone cannot download apps from play store?

The Android operating system is open source, so anyone can make an Android device, but devices that are not approved by Google cannot use the Google app store. You can get apps from Amazon.

Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet, google play store and facebook :(?

restore it to factory thou settings... other wise factory defect or severe virus

I have installed google play store app. but not responding well. how i can resolve it or use google play store?

How much memory do you need to download apps from the app store?

It depends on how much memory the app requires but as long as you have a few spare Gb's then you should get an app or two running. The app description will tell you how much resources it needs befo... Read More »