Why won't my refrigerator cool, is there a reset button?

Answer Does it run but not cool or does it not run? If it runs but doesn't cool it's probably lost the coolant and needs to be checked for a leak and recharged. If it doesn't run it may need to be reset... Read More »

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Where does a whirlpool refrigerator have its reset button?

Where is my whirlpool reset button located serial#her46114134

Why wont my dad let me get my belly button pierced?

Believe it or not.....parents used to stress out over allowing their daughters to get their EARS pierced!Having that kind of control over your own body shows an air of maturity that is some times h... Read More »

Refrigerator wont stop running?

What if your iPhone home button wont work?

try restoring your iPhone and if that doesn't work, try taking it to the apple store to get it fixed/ thank uu./cause i tried that last night on my computer but it wouldn't do anything i think my ... Read More »