Why won't my printer print white letters on black cardstock?

Answer Your cartridge does not have any white ink. If you look at a normal white page that has white writing on a black square for example, the white lettering would be where there is no ink as apposed to... Read More »

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My HP printer wont print black ink?

A ink cartridge or cartridges maybe low, empty or possibly cloggedFirst step is to see will if it print a test pageGo to Start, settings, printers. Right click on the printer, properties, print tes... Read More »

Why wont my brand new printer print black?

14 day return policy, so get a new one and be more careful removing the inkjet tape this time.

Canon MP970 wont print Black and White?

In small cameras, always go with optical image stabilization if available. Therefore, choose the SD11is.

How does an inkjet printer print grey color Is must be black and white right But how is white produced?

Printers use red, Yellow and blue Or more common is Magenta(red), Cyan(blue), and Yellow. When you mix the three inks together you get Black.Some printers use a larger separate black ink cartridge.... Read More »