Why won't my printer print It's on, the settings are correct. Why?

Answer Simplest thing to do is unplug printer USB lead.Open printer folder highlight the printerpress DELETE key and acceptthen reboot PC and plug in printer again and let it refind and refresh driver.Job... Read More »

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Wireless printer wont print (laptop says printer offline)?

Try uninstalling the printer driver software & then reinstalling it.I've got an HP wireless printer that does the same thing on occasion.

Correct printer settings for printing the darkest black with HP Deskjet 3520.?

Go in printer options and select the contrast button. This will darken the output with a good solid black. Make sure you are printing at 600 dpi also.

Why wont my printer print?

I'm assuming that you are smart enough to know that the printer is...a) onb) has sufficient ink and paperc) capable of printing, because you have done the test printI found that my new printer had ... Read More »

My printer wont print?