Why won't my printer get one paper only?

Answer As the others have said, paper that is too dry & doesn't have enough moisture content in the paper can create static cling & cause multiple sheets to be fed at once. Also, thin paper can cause simi... Read More »

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My printer wont pick up paper?

My printer is only printing every two lines of the paper?

Most probably is the:1. Low ink level > check your ink2. Printer drivers > Remove and install printer driver again.All the best!

My printer says paper jam and won't print... i checked the printer there is no paper inside?

Depends on the printer...If it's a big laser then it's found somewhere to hide a sheet of paper that you've not seen yet... in the fuser or duplexer is a good bet. Check real carefully and you may ... Read More »

Do you leave paper in your printer tray Won't dust collect on the paper and ruin your printer/prints?

i just leave it in there. but i also print something almost every day, so there isn't much time for dust to gather.