Why won't my pregnant dog eat?

Answer A dog's nutritional needs change throughout pregnancy and some fluctuations in appetite are normal. So long as the dog continues to nibble and her appetite picks back up, there is no cause for alar... Read More »

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What do you do if your friends pregnant but wont tell her mom?

you get pregnant too and tell her mom its a new fad.(JOKING)or you just dont say anything because its none of your business. but tell your friend to see a doctor. and ask the doc

If your 14 and your abusive friend gets you pregnant and wont leave you alone what should you do if you cant tell anyone?

Answer My best answer for that is you can always tell someone if i were you i would go to the school counsiler and have him or her help you Answer There are many options, but obviously the young ... Read More »

Your daughter is 17 and pregnant your insurance wont cover her you live in Florida are there any places you can go for Medical Help?

AnswerCheck in with your Department of social services if you haven't already. Most of the time they will automatically give a girl that's not married pregnancy medicaid. It will pay for everything... Read More »

If you got a girl pregnant and you love her to death and she says she loves you just as much but she thinks you wont last long because of other people outside of the relationship?

Answer When you mention other people, I'm not sure if you mean threats to your relationship or people wanting the relationship to end. If it's the first one, maybe there is some reason in the past ... Read More »