Why won't my pictures print out?

Answer When some people build a website, they make a special CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for printing. This activates automatically as soon as you intend to print the document, and these CSS print documen... Read More »

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Why my printer wont print the pictures i need?

Tell me What error Are you Getting , Check the Wire , Check the Status of Printer is it online ,After that try reinstall printer driver

My coumputer wont let me print?

Check t sensors near the paper input tray n clean it...also press the start button to detect t paper...Check manual for troubleshooting help...:)

Why wont my printer print red?

Personally I think they are a false economy and you continually have trouble with them. You can buy clones of manufacturers cartridges at about a third of the price and are just as good and are usu... Read More »

My HP printer wont print?