Why won't my pc recognize my printer after it has been asleep and then started.?

Answer That's a tough one. You might try a different USB cable or USB port on your computer to see if that might help. You could also try deleting & reinstalling the printer driver software to see if that... Read More »

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Why wont my computer recognize my printer?

If you have a gateway computer and a H.P. printer they are incompatible.

Computer wont recognize sd card inserted into printer?

See if there is a sd card slot on your printer if there is, use it. It will work just as good

My car stalled and wont start no codes scanner check out replaced crank senser started 6 times then ran only?

Odd that you don't have any codes listed on the scanner. If it was a crank sensor there should be a code listed. A bad crank sensor would prevent the engine from having any spark as it needs to see... Read More »

Is it okay if I still have my hand on my (thing) and after I ejactulated and then fell asleep?

Hey man whatever gets you through the night