Why won't my mac display on my HDTV?

Answer Does your TV normally detect the active port? Every TV I've ever used, you need to choose the input you want. Beyond that, try resetting the whole rig. Shut down the Mac, plug it into the TV, choos... Read More »

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My ps3 wont work on my non hdtv?

If it was used or on a HDTV before it needs to be reset to sd analog output, if it's on right now turn it off, now turn it back on, hold down the power button until you hear a 2nd beep, basically t... Read More »

How to use hdtv as primary display of laptop using hdmi?

Plug in your HDMI cord from the PC to the TVRight-ClickPersonalizeDisplay SettingsConnect to a monitor/projectorThen you choose what you want to be your main. I hope this helped!

Dell monitor wont display?

It sounds like the backlight is out. If you take a flashlight and shine it at the screen, you might be able to see an image of something like your icons or a picture of your wallpaper, but you wil... Read More »

Why wont my display drivers work in ubuntu 9.10?

click on system>administration>device drivers........... it should then search for the correct drivers.