Why wont my laptop run php?

Answer PHP:Run PHP on your own computer: The easiest way to do this is to install a complete package like XAMPP. This contains the Apache Web server, along with PHP and the MySQL database engine, in one e... Read More »

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Why wont your headphones work in your laptop I plug in my headphones and only the laptop speakers play?

Laptop wont start up ?

dropping might have caused some malfunctions in ur mother board..or ssome components might have been damaged..take it to a customer care..and take ur brother with u to pay..:)

Laptop wont turn on?

Remove the battery, then use the AC by itself and see what happens.

My toshiba laptop wont start?

I had the same problem :( I took it to be repaired & after an hour it was ok, then wouldn't start again, new battery? new plug cable? Nothing worked.It's best to get a new one from Amazon that do t... Read More »