Why won't my laptop recognize my new mouse?

Answer Does your mouse work on your mom's computer?If not,then I would assume there is something wrong with the mouse and you should take it back.Are they both the same make and model of mouse?Wireless or... Read More »

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What, if any, is the difference between a laptop mouse and a regular mouse?

Is there a difference between a PC mouse& a laptop mouse?

Essentially, laptop mice and PC mice are identical, as PC mice can be used on laptops and vice versa. Still, the two do have minor differences to match their formats. Laptop mice tend to be smaller... Read More »

Why wont my motherboard recognize my RAM?

Either the ram is faulty or you've bought the wrong type.Did you check the Speed rating, The ECC level and the parity type?

Why wont my computer recognize my printer?

If you have a gateway computer and a H.P. printer they are incompatible.