Why won't my laptop connect to the internet?

Answer If it was a sudden loss of internet, and everyone at school and at home can still get internet, AND you have the antenna switch flipped to "ON", and under Device Manager, it still says you have a w... Read More »

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Why wont my Dell Studio laptop connect to the internet?

You can run your windows in 'Safe mode with Networking' to connect internet in safe mode.To fix your internet connection problems,visit this link-http://wireless-support-squad.blogspot.i…****If y... Read More »

Why wont my laptop connect to my home wifi internet?

reconfigure you wireless settings in your laptopor try to downloads a another wireless drivers in the internet..and reinstall your driver (wireless)

Xp Pc Laptop wont connect to network?

Does your friend usually use a wireless connection?His drivers may be out dated.Click on Start and then Run.Type the following command in the Open: text box, and then hit the Enter key or click on ... Read More »

Why wont my laptop connect to my wifi?

If it isn't picking up ANY wifi connections, chances are the wireless switch on your laptop is turned off. Usually this is a physical switch, depending on your laptop's make and model.