Why won't my ipod game update?

Answer Make sure you have space on your iPod to update the app, if you do, try to Restart it properly (Hold Power Button and Slide to Power Off) If this doesn't work make sure the iPod is on and try to do... Read More »

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What do i do if my Ipod's screen wont light up and wont play music?

well what I would do is go and see a specialist on this problem and get them to check it out. If you cant find a specialist search on the web on search engines like google for ways to fix this prob... Read More »

AVG wont update, bin file missing?

I came across the same problem but got it sorted.1 - Start up AVG,click Update Now.2 - The list of updates is shown in Popup, click on the more information link.A list of updates will be shown.3 - ... Read More »

My windows firewall wont update.?

i don't think windows firewall has updates i may be wrong but i don't so ???

Your ipod wont let the right headphone work when you plug the headphones in all the way you have to leave them half unplugged What is worng with your ipod?