Why won't my iPod work without it's charger?

Answer the battery is probably dead

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My ipod charger wont charge?

The reason why your iPod wont charge could be because your iPod has a problem on its charging port or the charger or USB cable you are using is spoilt. The best thing to do is to take it to a deale... Read More »

Dropped Iphone and now it wont connect to wifi or turn on without charger!!?

Did it hit hard on something? I've dropped mine several times and have never had an issue, and that was on cement. If you damaged something then you probably have to take it to the apple store, b... Read More »

How to charge ipod 5 without charger?

If you have a compatible dock, you could use that.

How do I charge an iPod Nano without a charger?

Connect the iPod Nano to a computer or laptop using the USB cord designed specifically for iPod use.Turn on the computer or laptop. Keep the laptop plugged into a power source while charging the iP... Read More »