Why won't my htc inspire send picture messages?

Answer Yes. While in maps, press and hold on a location. It will drop a pin to that location. Then, tap on the pin, and again on the little blue arrow that pops up. On the bottom left of the screen, there... Read More »

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Can BlackBerries send picture messages?

You can use your BlackBerry to send and receive picture messages, or MMS messages, when you're on the go. To send an MMS message, go to your Photos folder and select the picture you wish to send. P... Read More »

Why won't my blackjack 2 let me send picture messages?

iTunes, drag and drop the music into iTunes if it's not already loaded. Then Sync.

How do I send picture messages on an iPhone?

Press the circular button located below your iPhone's screen and slide your finger across the screen as instructed to unlock your iPhone. Press the "Photos" icon and the select the photo you want t... Read More »

How do I send a picture in messages on deviantart?

If you go right above where it says Statistics (comments, favourites, etc.) on a picture, right above it are links for a Thumb (thumbnail picture) and Link is a direct link. So you can either put t... Read More »