I want to buy a motorcycle but my wife wont let me. How can I talk her into it?

Answer You only live once! If this is something you truly enjoy, as I do, then you shouldn't let your wife dictate what your enjoyment should be. However, if the reason she doesn't want you to buy a bike... Read More »

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What do you do if your friends pregnant but wont tell her mom?

you get pregnant too and tell her mom its a new fad.(JOKING)or you just dont say anything because its none of your business. but tell your friend to see a doctor. and ask the doc

How to Use a Webcam to Talk to Friends?

A webcam is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends across the globe. Not only is it easy, it’s cost-effective as well--costing no more than the price of your Internet connection. In order... Read More »

I have a little girl in my class she wont talk but her mom said she does at home?

If the child has just started then it would be quite normal, children will be shy when they first attend daycare but parents have a habit of comparing their child with others of the same age, to se... Read More »

How to Talk in Code With Friends?

Got some news to share with a friend? Dying to let your best friend know that so-and-so is going out with blah-blah? The only problem is- you are in a room full of classmates.