Why won't my digital camera come on?

Answer Move it to the next knob and see if that works.

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Why wont my digital camera connect to my computer?

You will have to install the software which came with the camera. Once you have done that the two can communicate, otherwise the computer won't know what to look for..

Does a digital picture come from a digital camera?

Yes, however these come in the form of a digital file such as .JPG or .TIF, which can then be printed to be simply called a picture.

Why wont my pics download from digital camera?

Easeyest way is to download free picasa,it will do it foryou click link below.

I plugged my usb cable && my camera in to my computer, but the pictures wont come u. help?

Make sure after you plug it in, you turn it on. Then click on "My Computer". and look for the drive with your camera on it. Should say "Canon" or whatever your cameras name is. Hope this helps.