Why wont my computer start up?

Answer You're operating system is freaking out because you just essentially took your old brain and put it in a new body. This operation you are attempting requires a fresh install ....Put the hard drive ... Read More »

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My computer wont start?

Hi ! There is another option, boot using a live OS cd and save your data to other partitions or to your pendrives. Download this archive and extract it to get a ISO image. Burn the image to a cd an... Read More »

My computer wont start!!! Please help!!?

Many questions here. Does the drive light come on? If not disconnect the hard drive. Do you get the BIOS boot screen? What kind of system do you have? Is the monitor in good order. If the monitor l... Read More »

Why wont my computer start all the parts are brand new!?

There was dirt in my computer so i tried to wash it out with water and it wont start, what do i do?

you should set it on top of your car battery and see if the energy will transverse the hard drive into the reactionary boot size 9 disk o'carpaltunnelsyndrome. and then just polarbear the screen an... Read More »