Why wont my computer read any discs?


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Can you read Blu-ray discs on a Wii?

No. The Nintendo Wii recognizes only Wii and GameCube discs. The only optical drives that read Blu-ray discs are ones that use a blue laser. Standard DVD drives use a red laser.References:USByte: D... Read More »

Can blu-ray discs be read on regular DVD players?

No, but regular DVDs can be read on a Blu-ray player.

Does a MacBook pro read blu ray discs?

yes you need a software and a blu-ray driver. its difficult but you can.

Dvd rome drive won't read discs?

Assuming you are using Windows XP, does the dvd show up as a drive letter under My Computer? Have you uninstalled iTunes recently, as this can affect DVD drives, if not then it sounds like you need... Read More »