Why wont my computer read any discs?


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Can you read Blu-ray discs on a Wii?

No. The Nintendo Wii recognizes only Wii and GameCube discs. The only optical drives that read Blu-ray discs are ones that use a blue laser. Standard DVD drives use a red laser.References:USByte: D... Read More »

Does a MacBook pro read blu ray discs?

yes you need a software and a blu-ray driver. its difficult but you can.

When Netflix says "Discs at home" what exactly does that mean Please read..?

All it means is that the Netflix company has sent the movie to you it most likely being shipped there now it can be a mail delay to hope it helped

Dvd rome drive won't read discs?

Assuming you are using Windows XP, does the dvd show up as a drive letter under My Computer? Have you uninstalled iTunes recently, as this can affect DVD drives, if not then it sounds like you need... Read More »