Why won't my computer display the Welcome Screen?

Answer Click the Start button and click Control Panel and if this opens a menu, click User Accounts but if it opens a window, then look for the User Accounts and select the option to change the way users ... Read More »

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power it on and press F5, or f12, or f2, cant remember what one, but the one it says for setup or something at the startup (I'm not very proficient in win comps) But you got to start it in safe mod... Read More »

Moved a moniter from ME to XP computer. display wont go past 800X600 What to do?

If I am understanding the question - you just moved the monitor not the computers. If this is the case - the place to begin would be the display drivers - they are most likely not installed correct... Read More »

Can I display a computer screen on 3 TV's wirelessly?

Questions arise: What OS does the laptop run (Mac, Windows something, Linux)? How many screens will be identical? Or individual images? Or a spread across the 3 screens of one image? What type... Read More »

How can i display whats on my computer screen..onto my t.v. ?

unless you have a HDTV it's not even worth doing because you would have to put your resolution and HOPE your tv can go that high .