Why won't my computer charge my iphone?

Answer Try unplugging other usb ports. Perhaps, using too much power means your power supply is far too little. You can try getting another power supply that has more watts.

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What to do when iPhone 3g wont charge?

You buy a new charger or sell the Iphone or smash it.

What do you do when your iPhone 4 wont charge?

take it to an Apple repair shop and get them to change the battery. Check that it is not the USB cable or adaptor that is at fault before incurring repair costs

My ipod nano wont turn on, nor will it charge when plugged into the computer. ?

hehe. this is common. let me guess, you only chrage it through the usb port on your pc?if so, borrow or buy a portable usb wall charger and plug the nano's usb cable in. let it stay for 24 hours, t... Read More »

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