Why won't my central air get cold?

Answer A central air conditioning unit is designed to blow cold air throughout a house or building, which is different than a window unit, which only produces cold air in one room. A damaged or malfunctio... Read More »

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Your air conditioner isn't blowing cold airI took it apart and cleaned it and it still wont get cold What do you do?

Answer In AC terms there is what is called TD (temperature differential). It is usually accepted that target TD is 20 deg F or if the air going into the unit is 75 deg f then it should exit at 55... Read More »

My central air doesnt get cold enough what could this be?

you may have a dirty or restricted condenser {coil out side where the fan and compressor are} or your evaporator might need to be cleaned --has to be remove and washed by a a/c tech freon has to be... Read More »

My Central Heat Is Blowing Cold?

A central heating system blowing cold air may be a sign of trouble or just a unit coming back online after a long summer off. Proper maintenance of your home heating equipment can eliminate issues ... Read More »

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