Why won't my camera's memory card work?

Answer You can try this, no guarantees.Try this, Download the program must not take anymore pictures on your card.You will need a card reader either on your computer or an extern... Read More »

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Why wont memory card work ?

It seems that you removed the card while some program or service was still trying to read/write to the memory when you removed it.And it seems that the table of contents on your memory card get dam... Read More »

What to do when memory card wont work?

sounds like you need a newer "SDHC-capable card reader" to read a 16GB SD memory card. You can buy one relatively cheap, just don't get the cheapest as they do not work so well.Have you tried plugg... Read More »

My memory card won't work in my other cameras.?

Without knowing which cameras you are attempting to use, we cannot help.All older cameras cannot use memory cards larger than 2 gb.Look in your user manual to see which cards all your cameras use.S... Read More »

Memory card wont work in my computer?

Assuming you are using XP, Right Click on My Computer, select Manage...then this will open the Management Console. Select STORAGE and you should see all the drives. You may be asked to FORMAT! I wo... Read More »