Why won't my camcorder let me finalize my disk (plz answer)?

Answer You have to go to your playlist, then click the func. button. Its different then the menu that you do your recordings on.

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I can't finalize a DVD. I have a Canon DC210 mini disk camcorder using RWDVDss which are formatted to VRformat?

Here is what I would try:1) Make sure the camera is plugged into the wall2) Set the camera to Playback mode3) Go to Function > Setup Menu > Disc Operations > Finalize > YesIf that does not work, tr... Read More »

How to finalize a dvd in a canon camcorder?

You must be using a dvd-rw (rewritable). They can't be finalized, but they still need to be converted with a program like handbrake (free). If you are using a minidvd-r then, You will have to final... Read More »

How to Finalize a Nero DVD Disk?

Nero Burning Suite is a selection of applications designed around the Nero Burning ROM program. Nero Burning ROM allows you to create, author, and burn CDs, DVDs, and now Blu-Ray discs. Nero Burnin... Read More »

Help loading a disk into a camcorder?

well mine just inserts from the bottom ,they are all different though, if you could give the make and model number that would help.