Why won't my camcorder DVD-RW discs play on my dvd player?

Answer Sorry pal by formatting them you have lost all the files on them, next time copy all the files to your computer to keep them safe.

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Do Mini DVD Camcorder Discs Play in a Regular DVD Player?

Most regular DVD players aren't able to play mini DVDs, and they recognize them as audio CDs or other format types. found that only approximately 175 standard DVD players out of 490 w... Read More »

Can you play blu ray discs without a blu ray player?

No, but you could buy a cheap blu-ray player for £150 or you could get the best blu-ray player, which is also a gaming system, for £400 --- PlayStation III.

My Blu Ray player won't play discs?

great going u broke it, blk friday electronics are usually crappy.

Can you play non blu ray 3d discs on blu ray player?

The cheapest Blu-ray player would be the Playstation 3. It costs four hundred dollars and you can do a lot of entertaining things with it such as games and watching movies.