Why won't my blu-ray player play through all of my speakers on my surround sound?

Answer If you are using additional speakers then you may need to register them with your blu-ray player (you can do this from the blu-ray menu.)

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You hooked up surround sound to your hd tv and it only works on the DVD and not the directv How do you wire it so both the DVD player and directv come through the surround sound?

Hook up a Bluray player with only HDMI output, to play audio through Surround Sound connected via component?

Component (green, red, blue RCA cables) is video only. So from what you've described, you haven't sent any audio to your sound system. Some dvd/surround systems (especially the cheaper ones) are pl... Read More »

Why wont sound come through my speakers?

Unless you configure sound to come out the anlogue ports , hdmi sound will by default go out through the hdmi cable, if you have a good speaker system you may need to invest in an optical cable so ... Read More »

Can I damage a 5.1 surround sound computer sound card by hooking up 7.1 surround sound speakers to it?

In general NO - but it really depends on how you hook it up.If you run optical to a AV Receiver - this is the way it is normally hooked up to any 5.1 device. Your HDTV, BluRay, DVD player or HD cab... Read More »