Why won't my TV stay on!!?

Answer It's a Magnavox thing...I had a tv that did this very thing and someone else we knew had one that did the same thing...You may have to contact the manufacturer to get this fixed or replaced...we ju... Read More »

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What made the lock red picture stay on my front load ge dryer stay on the dryer wont work?

That mean there is a problem with the drier need a service man to look at the drier........

Gas oven wont stay heated?

If you're smelling gas then it's not safe to use. Stop now. Call the landlord and have them get a professional in to fix it. Or have the landlord replace it. There's a problem and it's not wort... Read More »

Why wont my laptop stay charged?

then best option isto take it to a computer store and get them to look at itand see why its not charging correctly

My hair wont stay straight?

Use a good hair spray to hold your straight hair style. My hair is really curly, and I hate it when I've just straightened it and step outside, only to find that it is pouring with rain! (I'm guess... Read More »