Why wont my PC remain in sleep mode?

Answer mice, especilly infared mice are very sensitive, try putting the pointer over the button, fliping it over so the infared light points up , and then click

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What is the difference between sleep mode and hibernate mode?

Hibernate and sleep is different in both windows XP and Vista so both of them are wrong.Sleep in vista is just like stand-by mode in XP which is going to shut off the computer screen and go in to l... Read More »

Why wont Safety mode on Youtube turn off!?

Turn it off + savelog out of youtubelog back in, it should be working if not: clear broswer cache + cookies (this means relogin to all sites :\ ) should fix the problemits a messy fix but it works

Computer wont turn on or go into safe mode..?

2 ways to fix it1) boot from your installation disk and do a system repair from itif above not possible2) get someone to download "puppy linux" burn to disk and boot from itit loads in memory and a... Read More »

Yourremote wont activate menu mode on a sony tv set?

if it's a dish network remote. hold down clearish white tv buton till it red. then push the red let off that button the press the large red power button once then press the up button once every sec... Read More »